Hello and welcome to the online Moodle module for Pacific’s eighth annual Blended and Online Learning Retreat.  We have used this site to put together a number of resources, readings, and activities that will introduce you to some of the concepts and practices that are necessary to create successful blended and online courses.  In particular, we have selected resources and developed activities that will help you to choose an appropriate e-learning method and then to plan and design a course that actively uses online technology to increase student engagement. 

After you have completed the readings and activities in the online session you will be able to:

  1. Define different types of online learning environments.
  2. Identify appropriate e-learning models to apply to your own classes. 
  3. Write well-structured and appropriate performance-based Learning Objectives for your classes.
  4. Develop a preliminary design for a learning module in an online, blended, or technology-enhanced course.

In addition to these formal learning objectives, we are also providing this module so you will have the experience of being a student in an online learning environment—an essential background for when you design your own online activities and classes.

Alfred Weiss, Director of Educational Technology and Curricular Innovation Pacific University, Oregon.